Information for Parents

Parents may become members of the School Council, Burwood East Social Team or one of the various committees that support the children’s learning environment. We also encourage parents to become involved in their child's education by helping with classroom programs and school events.

Parents and Friends Association

Enjoy the friendship and interaction of a group of parents who work together in planning and implementing fundraising and social activities. Meetings are usually during the school day but not necessarily limited to this.

All members of our broad school community are most welcome to join. The president of the PFA Group may be contacted through the school office.


Parents and Curriculum

We encourage parents to be actively involved in a wide range of educational activities and support roles within our curriculum. This greatly enhances the breadth and quality of our programs.


School Council

This is a body of elected representatives of parents and teachers. It has many responsibilities connected with the good name and tone of the school. It supervises the raising and spending of school funds. It is responsible, with the Principal, for budgeting the expenditure of school funds – both those contributed by the Department of Education and those raised locally. New Council members are elected annually at the beginning of each year.


The Council has the following sub-committees:

Education, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Out of School Hours Child Care, Marketing, Parents and Friends/Fundraising and Canteen.


Any parent within the school community is welcome to join any of these committees. Your contributions no matter how small are welcome. You do not need to be a member of School Council to join the sub-committees.


For its success, it is essential that any appeal made by the School Council for assistance is met with understanding and your assistance with voluntary work when the occasion arises, will be greatly appreciated.


Working Bees

Regular working bees are scheduled throughout the year. Not only do we achieve a lot of work around the school, it is a great opportunity to get to know other school families.


Foundation Transition Program



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