English at Burwood East is taught using a variety of whole school approaches.



We use the CAFE reading approach.  Each class is taught a range of strategies to help them both learn and to enhance their reading.  The strategies are based on Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Extending vocabulary.  The students read and do actvities that build and reinforce these strategies.


Every session is broken into strategy introduction or revision, followed by silent reading during which the teacher listens to and assist different students, followed by activities that support learning of the strategies.



Our Writing Program provides a clear whole school approach to enhance teaching and learning practices and improve student outcomes.


In all classes, modelled or shared writing begins the writing session every day.  Teachers demonstrate and explicitly teach the Text Type being studied, with associated grammatical features and vocabulary lists.


Following the modelled writing, students are given the opportunity to involve themselves at their level and time to practise what has been demonstrated.  Initially they use an A3 'folded paper' scaffold template to assist with the text structure.


At the end of each session, time is set aside for 'Author's Chair', which is an opportunity for the students to share their writing, their learning experiences during their writing and to receive positive feedback from their classmates.


After following the Writing Process, the students are able to publish their text to share with and audience.



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