At Burwood East Primary School, we use the TILES approach to teaching for all of our Mathematics lessons. All staff have been teaching Mathematics based on the following model.


TI – Tuning In: The Warm Up. Students play a maths skill based game, usually with dice or cards, to engage students in the lesson.


LE– Learn and Explore: Modelled/Guided/Independent. Teachers explicitly teach relevant knowledge, they present students with assisted tasks and then allow students to challenge themselves independently through a range of activities.


S – Share: Reflection. Teachers support students to continuously refine and improve their work by discussing what worked and how we could refine our approach to reach our goals.


This year the school has purchased Essential Assessment which allows students to complete a pre-test, work through tasks based on their areas of improvement from the pre-test and then sit a post-test. Students can then work through tasks based on their areas for further development from the post-test. Classes from Year 1 to 6 utilise this program daily to allow for even greater planning and assessment. 


In Foundation students are involved in the The Early Years Numeracy Program. This is a resource for schools to use when planning and implementing a strategic and comprehensive approach to early years mathematics teaching and learning for all students in the first five years of schooling.  


Students are provided with numeracy learning experiences that are challenging, exciting and enjoyable, as well as useful in achieving a range of purposes and solving a range of common daily problems. These are rich, real tasks using a variety of stimulating experiences. Children are encouraged to work with their class teacher at their own rate of mathematical growth. 



Structures within all classes cater for individual differences through the provision of open-ended learning activities. A wide range of equipment is always available at all age levels. All mathematical concepts are progressively developed within the context of meaningful learning situations. Numeracy at all levels encompasses cooperative learning and child centred problem solving activities as well as the use of modern technology such as computers and calculators.



Expert Maths Classes




At Burwood East Primary School this year to support of Mathematics program, we have introduced the Maths Detectives Club open to all students from Year 1-6. It is held every Tuesday lunchtime.


This club will provide students with a range of tools to extend their mathematical thinking. They will use Mathematics to complete real life tasks and solve everyday problems that will earn them badges to coincide with Police ranks. Through Maths Detectives they will learn how to manage time, create floor plans, budget for a holiday, create numerical surveys, analyse statistics of their favourite sporting teams.


This program is aimed to challenge children and therefore push them to exceed expectations in Mathematics.




At Burwood East Primary School, we are committed to providing students with intellectual challenges and choice within an environment that encourages creativity, problem solving and analytical expression while stimulating higher-order thinking. We have recently designed an extension maths class for students working consistently at an A (18 months above the expected level) to provide them with an educational environment that enables these gifted and talented students to develop to their full potential. An entry test was held to determine suitability to this program.


The children are engaged in a variety of practical mathematical problem-solving activities with links to real life such as:

  • exploring the use of scales in everyday situations (gauges, thermometers, drawings, maps, etc.)
  • extensive investigation of practical graphs around the school and the construction of linear equations/graphs, including rates of flow and averages.
  • exploring probability. Progress to rules for calculating probability.
  • investigating patterns and sequences and learning algebraic rules. Deducing rules from tabulated data.
  • Creating realistic everyday budgets

They will also explore a range of influential mathematicians and study their contributions to our world, including: Pascal, Pythagoras, Archimedes and Euler.


This program is aimed to challenge our students and provide them with various skills and resources to independently challenge themselves and ultimately continue to exceed expectations in Mathematics.







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