Burwood East School Values

At Burwood East Primary School we are focussed on teaching the importance of our school values in and outside of the classroom; Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Honesty and Confidence. The students have gained an excellent understanding of what these values are, and it is wonderful to see them using them throughout their home and school life. 


We want the students to ‘own’ these values and use ‘their voice’ to relate them back to their own lives. Late last year students met with their buddies and discussed what each value meant to them. They documented their responses and all of these were collected. The responses were then dissected by a group of Year Five and Six students who were able to find the most common themes for each value (What our students think each value represents).


Emily, Natasha, Lola, Cassie, Alana, Rachel, Charissa and Hruthi then collated these themes to create and design a ‘Values Book’. They spent an enormous amount of time and effort in developing a book that we believe truly represents how our students feel about the key values.


I am extremely proud to share the book in the images below allowing you to see the amazing artwork these students have produced.


This book will be in every classroom and available for students to use when resolving problems, to believe in themselves and to simply read. It will also be a great resource for teachers to use when discussing the values.



Wellbeing Team

Values Book 2019

@ 2018 Burwood East Primary School